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BMC (Bioherbal Magnetic Carboxy) Body Therapy

BMC™ Body Therapy is an innovative method based on a specifically focused research and developed by a team of scientists and medical specialists. Preference approach enables to target all primary factors originating cellulite such as:

Unsufficient lymph and blood circulation

Defective connective tissue


Synergic effect of 4 therapy principles





Synergic effect of 4 complementary therapy principles fights the causes of the creation of cellulite successfully. Right after the first procedure the regenerating process is initiated and visible results can be observed, however, it is recommended to go through the procedure 3-6x with the frequency of 2-3 visits per week to win the fight against cellulite. The reward is smooth silky skin without cellulite and surplus fat. The treatment is fast, comfortable and effective. Moreover, the procedure has a very positive influence on the state of mind, therefore,our clients feel relaxed and full of energy when they leave the studio.



Targeting is based on your individual needs detected by a measurement of your body parametres. All clients first have an appointment with a BMC™ specialist who leads an interview and measurement of body parametres focusing on the amount of fat in the body and cellulite grade in its individual parts. According to the results an individual treatment plan is designed. The intensity and frequency of effective components is based on and programmed due to the measured values. Therefore, it is possible to target the problem parts of the body which are always individual.



Uses the effects of a special herbal mixture that positively influences the state of the skin and is able to penetrate deep into the subcutaneous layer, thanks to the Carboxytherapy stimulation. The result is a healthy skin in which a natural process of regeneration and revitalization is initiated. Due to the natural colagen regeneration the connective tissue, which has a vital influence on the fight against cellulite, is stiffen.





Most women have tried many guaranteed anti-cellulite programmes, however, with poor results as none of the procedures has such an intense impact on the physiological factors such as insufficiently functioning lymphatic system and defective connective tissue. Thanks to Carboxytherapy the factors mentioned above are influenced by a natural reaction of the organism. Therefore, the result is not only cosmetic, but the method is able to solve the cause of the problem. Carboxytherapy is a scientifically verified method which activates the lymphatic system, oxygenates blood, regenerates the natural activation of colagen creation and improves skin elasticity. Carbon dioxide is one of the metabolic final products occuring in the cells of live organisms. For that reason carbone dioxide is a natural and harmless substance in the human body. Thanks to Carboxytherapy the amount of carbone dioxide is increased in the skin and many mutually infuencing physiological reactions are initiated in the organism. This results in an increase of blood flow and its ability to transport oxygen to the cells.


It is a safe, comfortable and relaxing method having a significant effect in the fight against cellulite. As the procedure combines a bioherbal therapy, the results of the procedure multiply. The unique herbal substances are enabled to penetrate deep into the subcutaneous layer thanks to the body stimulation via carbone dioxide. The basic reaction of the organism is the vasolidation of vessels including capillaries. In other words, the blood flow increases in the skin, muscles and all body organs causing an improvement of metabolic functions and immune system and an intiation of self-curing processes of the body. An endorfin excretion occurs in the body during the therapy, which improves the mental state of mind and the body gains a lot of new energy. The higher oxygen intake enables an increased creation of energy-rich substances. Their subsequent decomposition provides the body with the energy needed.

Carboxytherapy is a relaxing method, during which you lie on a comfortable armchair and feel a pleasant feeling of warmth and relaxation. The skin is moistened and you feel like sleeping. However, the truth is that many active reactions occur in the organism, especially the acceleration of cell metabolism and mobilization of other metabolic processes in the body. Therefore, while relaxing it is possible to target the initialization of many useful biological processes of the organism. During the therapy the skin is deeply warmed up and oxygenized. There is also a positive influence on the nervous, heart and vessel system. The therapy targets directly the blood colagulability, the muscle and lymphatic system, the metabolic acceleration and the elimination of waste substances from the body. At the same moment, a natural colagen creation is stimulated and the elasticity of the skin is improved which plays a vital role in the fight against cellulite. Thanks to the combination of carboxytheraby and bioherbal therapy, which acts via unique natural substances deep in the skin layers, this method is an unbeatable fighter against so much hated cellulite.



The principle of magnetotherapy is embeded in the influence of an artificial magnetic field of certain parameters on the human organism. It is a physical therapy during which a low frequency magnetic field is generated. Mechanical forces produced by the acting of a magnetic field have an effect on ions which occur in cells and the colloid system. These forces are synchronic with magnetic impulses and regulate the ion movement at the same frequency. Because of an alternating pressure acting on the cell walls and an increase of ion channels permeability the metabolic functions are also improved. This process, which lasts a certain period of time, causes a normalization of potential electric differences (differences between a positively charged surface of the cell and a negatively charged inside of the cell). Metabolical funcions are improved, as well as the blood flow and oxygenization of the body part where the pulsing magnetic field is applied. The magnetic field penetrates deep into the skin layers, stimulates the permeability of lymphatic channels, improves metabolic functions and blood circulation due to a higher intake of oxygen.

All cells in the organism are framed by a cell membrane. Various biochemical processes occur inside and outside of the cells. Under certain conditions the cell membrane is able to absorb and emit substances. The acting of pulsing magnetic field multiplies the permeability of cell membranes. Thanks to this ability it is possible to target the problem parts of the body according to individual needs. Cleavage of fat cells is activated in the problem parts due to an increase of the permeability of the fat cells membranes. In the subcutaneous skin layer a lypolitic effect occurs (cleavage of encapsulated fat cells) which eliminates fat tissue and cellulite is reduced.

The acting of a magnetic field on a human organism can be described by these effects:

Maintains metabolic functions, therefore, initiates the process of fat cells elimination

The process of fat cells cleavage is maintained by an increased permeability of cell

membranes due to the function of a magnetic field

Stimulates the permeability of lymphatic channels and blood circulation

due to an oxygen and nutrient intake to the whole body

Has a significant detoxicating effect

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