For body regeneration.

BMC Body Therapy Plus - comprehensive program for easy and effective weight loss

Healthy and quick weight loss without being hungry.

Weight reduction from a few kg to 50kg or more.

Loss of fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

Individual approach under medical supervision.

Guaranteed weight loss with long-term effect.


Comprehensive program BMC Body Therapy Plus is based on a combination of BMC Body Therapy with special high-protein diet. By BMC Body Therapy is increased metabolic rate, cleansed lymphatic system and the whole body is detoxified properly. This causes the overall recovery of the body, replenish your energy and start the process of weight loss.


For intense, fast and healthy loss of adipose tissues is this method combined with a special high-protein diet. The diet is based on a high quality, specially modified protein food, supplied in the instant form for an easy and quick preparation. We offer different types of dishes and flavors (e.g. omelets, pasta, soups, puddings, fruit and chocolate desserts). Food preparation is very easy and takes only a few minutes. There are available also ready-made high-protein products, suitable for travel (such as fruit and chocolate bars or shakes). Thanks to this special food (based on a high content of valuable proteins) the adipose tissues are lost primarily, while maintaining muscle mass. It is the exclusive program to lose weight with no loss of lean muscle mass, but the primary breaking down the body's fat reserves.


As part of the BMC Body Therapy Plus the body is reloaded with a lot of new energy with no feelings of hunger, which makes weight loss easy, fast and enjoyable. Due to this sophisticated method of weight loss there is also eliminated the so-called yo-yo effect. Great motivation for further weight loss are very easily lost pounds and still looser clothes. With BMC Body Therapy Plus you can lose from several kg to 50kg or more. On average, clients lose 8kg of weight per month, respectively just adipose tissues while maintaining muscle mass.

Pregnancy, lactation
Diabetes (diabetes mellitus)
Eating Disorders (anorexia nervosa)
Blood coagulation disorders
Diseases of liver, kidney, heart
Disorders of mineral metabolism
Metabolic diseases (e.g. phenylketonuria, gout)

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