Pro regeneraci těla, dokonalé křivky a sametově hebkou pokožku.

Who struggles with it? Is it a fair fight?

Kod zápasí s celulitidou?

Cellulite is a term that is known to most women and many of them fight mercilessly against it. It is not just a problem of aged and overweight women, even young and slender girls often have to fight it. According to stastics there are more than 90% of women who suffer from cellulite. Because of a different anatomical layout of fat cells it is rarely seen in men. Apart from that, women have twice the amount of fat cells in areas such as thighs, hips and buttocks. There is another biological factor – estrogen, the female hormone, which is also a constituent of contraceptive pills. Therefore, the consumption of contraception can be the initiating impulse for cellulite development. Pregnancy is a high-risk period during which a significant amount of estrogen is produced and causes cellulite worsening after childbirth. There are various factors contributing to the origination of cellulite, however, tere are usually several factors altogether that cause its origination and development.

Why does it occur? What are the main causes?

Poor lymphatic system and blood circulation

The task of the lymphatic system is to transport metabolic products and fluids from the tissue to the blood circulatory sytem. Subsequently, these are excreted from the body via kidneys. Lymph movement in the system of lymph vessels occurs due to the muscle pump – when the body moves, muscles tighten and loosen and help the lymph move in the lymph vessels. If the lymph circulation is not rapid enough, no excertion of waste metabolic products and water occurs in the body. Therefore, toxins and water are trapped in fat cells causing their enlargement. Metabolic products are high molecular substances that can be excreted from the body only via the lymphatic system and kidneys. The most cellulite-suffering parts are those where stagnation of the lymph and blood circulation reaches the maximum (thighs, hips, buttocks, abdomen and the upper part of arms). Unsufficient blood flow in the skin layers causes lower oxygen access to the cells originating worsening of the metabolic processes. The result is another enlargement of fat cells.

Defective connective tissue

Connective tissue makes up the framework of muscles and skin and maintains the localization of the skin layers and their derivates. At the same time, the subcutaneous skin layer surrounds fat cells and keeps them together. The subcutaneous connective tissue is made of a network which predominately consists of colagen and elastin. Body ageing causes reduction of colagen and elastin production resulting in defection of the connective tissue. The muscle pump cannot function sufficiently as the defective connective tissue does not exert enough couter-pressure against muscles. Therefore, even slim women suffer from cellulite despite doing exercise.

Overweight and its variation

Weight gain causes enlargement of fat cells, however, the connective tissue strands bundles, which are embeded in the skin, are still of the same length. The swolen fat cells cluster causing a creation of lumps under the surface of the skin. The connective tissue strands bundles pull down on their anchor points resulting in a dimpled and/ or bumpy appearance of the skin. Fat cells swell and unswell unequally depending on the absorbing ability of the cytoplasmic membrane.

More about the cause of cellulite

How to fight it effectivelly? Is there any chance to win?

Cleanse of the lymphatic system and an increase of the lymph flow is a necessary condition to get rid of cellulite. The cause of the non-functioning lymphatic system is an unsufficient activity of the muscle pump that helps the lymphatic system to excrete metabolic waste from the body. The unsufficient function of the muscle pump can be caused by a lack of excercise, however, it also often occures as a result of the defective connective tissue which connects the skin and muscles. If the connective tissue is defective, there is no couter-pressure against the muscles, therefore, the pressure by the muscle pump has no effect. That explains why even slim, sporty women suffer from cellulite. This results in clusters of enlarged fat cells in the subcutaneous layer containing waste substances and toxins.

That means that the most important weapon in the fight against cellulite – our enemy – is, above all, the activation of the correctly functioning lymphatic system and, at the same time, activation and stiffening of the connective and muscle tissue. There is another factor which is very important – overweight and its variation. We fight it continuously not only because of a bumpy texture of the skin, but also because of the esthetic and health point of view. Fortunately, even this fight does not have to be lost due to the newest scientific knowledge and an inovative approach to the fat store problem solving. It is neccessary to start fighting cellulite as soon as possible and use the most effective accessible methods dealing with the primary factors of its origination. Indeed, it is highly advisable not to underestimate none of the factors contributing to cellulite initiation. Therefore, without targeting the 3 primary factors having the major influence on the cellulite origination it could be a lost fight.

Jak bojovat proti celulitidě?

Conditions to fight cellulite successfully:

Activation of lymphatic system

Stretching of connective tissue

Reduction of subcutaneous fat

BMC™ is a qualified stategist helping your body to fight the cellulite

The BMC™ method enables to target successfully the main causes of the cellulite origination during one specialized procedure only and win the struggle against the enemy. Thanks to BMC™ Body Therapy revitalizing biochemical processes are initiated in the organism, therefore, you will use natural abilities of your own body and, apart from getting new energy, you will gain healthy and smooth skin.

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